Jansen the Building Company

Maasmechelen Village

The retail sector experienced an eventful spring in 2020. First there was a sudden stop. This was followed by a sudden and intense restart. Maasmechelen Village outlet shopping centre also suffered on this retail rollercoaster.

Retail projects have specific needs, now more than ever. An integrated approach with fast installation is therefore necessary, something we can deliver at Jansen the Building Company. For this reason, we worked with Maasmechelen Village. We are particularly proud of this partnership.

As a trusted partner, we helped devise creative solutions so the shops could reopen safely and comfortably in 2020. Our specialised retail team quickly responded to the needs of the Village: they won the race against time, and completed the shop fitting and shop installation brilliantly. We are therefore very proud of our experienced craftsmen and carpenters.

“It’s great to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is partly due to Jansen. I am very grateful to you for your commitment, professionalism and ability to support this complex project in Maasmechelen Village.” Ben Luykx, Retail Development Director of Maasmechelen Village.

Finally, we were also able to introduce and build up a few great stores in 2020 as well, including American Vintage, Le Creuset, Scapa, Prada.