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Forget the dirty construction container, here is the trendy comfort container

When you think of a construction container, do you spontaneously think of a dark, dilapidated, dirty space? Think again. Because Jansen The Building Company is presenting its 'comfort containers' today. These innovative site containers are equipped with the latest technology, a playstation and even a rooftop terrace. The unusual company kills two birds with one stone: it once again blows a breath of fresh air through the construction sector and manages to profile itself as an attractive employer for new employees.

As every professional knows, the working conditions in traditional containers are not always comfortable. Little light, bad acoustics, a gloomy interior, very cold in winter and scorching hot in summer.

That situation had been a thorn in the flesh of Nadia Jansen for a long time. That is why the CEO of Jansen the Building Company inaugurated the first comfort containers today: “As a construction company, we pride ourselves on comfort. We stand for beauty and high-quality finish in our projects. And our head office in Zonhoven also lives up to our baseline 'we create your comfort zone'. But the majority of our colleagues do not reside in our headquarters. They have their feet in the clay on one of our many construction sites. That is why we decided to create a pleasant working environment for them too. Because they make it happen every day on site.”


In the meantime, Nadia has put her words into action, and Jansen the Building Company conjured up a remarkable solution out of a hat. “We are and do not think in terms of standard solutions”, says Nadia Jansen. “That's why we asked our employees what their ideal workplace would look like and then developed our own comfort containers. The attractive comfort containers contain the necessary technology, are super functional and offer an experience.

The comfort containers are imbued with the look & feel of Jansen. There is an atmosphere that approaches the feeling of a cozy apartment: homely and warm, with wood prints in the furniture, a red exterior and pistachio green and terrazzo interior. What do the containers look like in practice? “In terms of technology, Wi-Fi, an expansive smartboard, a copier, … are provided. In addition, we naturally also process our own products – for example climate islands and modular walls – in the container,” says Nadia Jansen.

But it doesn't necessarily have to be all high tech: “A closet for your site shoes, a coat rack on the inside of the toilet or a handy tap to hose down your boots: the power of a solution often lies in its simplicity and ease of use. Finally, there is also room for relaxation. There is a relaxation area with a TV, Playstation, sofa with reading lamp and the showpiece of the rooftop terrace with outdoor lounge.”


The first comfort containers are located at Vaccinopolis in Antwerp and Le Grand Hopital de Charleroi de Demain. But because they are built according to a plug & play principle, they can easily be disconnected, adapted and transported afterwards.

Raf Thijs (foreman at Jansen the Building Company) is one of the first craftsmen to get acquainted with the comfort container: “This is a dream for my colleagues and myself. This initiative ensures that we go to the site with a smile. But it also brings us closer together as a group, because we can relax in a comfortable way.”

Finally, this container is an oversized name tag, experiences Kris Rutten (project leader at Jansen the Building Company). We hear positive signals from our customers and suppliers, because here they can meet comfortably, drink a decent coffee and go to the toilet in peace. I think some of the other workmen on the site are even secretly a little jealous (laughs).”

About Jansen the Building Company

A building determines how people feel and behave. That is why Jansen Building Company always builds for the people in the building. We do this with no fewer than 500 of our own craftsmen and professionals and with extensive experience of almost 50 years. This makes Jansen the Building Company a top of the bill general contractor and specialist in interior finishing and techniques.

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