Group Jansen

Maintenance and repair

Jansen Services checks your building for signs of wear and tear. By taking action in time, you stop minor faults from becoming serious problems. This saves you what can turn out to be hugely expensive renovations and repairs. Anyone who comes across a fault wants it rectified as soon as possible. We promise to send you a professional from Jansen Services within 24 hours of contacting us, at any time of the day or night and anywhere in Belgium.

Meet our three departments: Building Maintenance Services (BMS), Building Technical Services (BTS) and Building Projects Services (BPS):
  • Building Maintenance Services (BMS) manages your building and, where necessary, carries out repairs and replacements
  • There may be more technology in your building than you think. But even the very latest cutting edge technology can break down: Building Technical Services repairs, replaces and operates these technological installations (HVAC, electricity, and lighting
  • Building Projects Services (BPS): are you looking for a reliable partner for a small-scale, customised finishing project? We'll take care of the job quickly, flexibly, and without costly labour charges.